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Do you need reservations to attend this theater?

No.  You may purchase tickets at our box office in person on the day of your movie showtime, if you prefer.  The option to reserve your seats online using this website is also available, but it is not required.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND however that choosing to purchase tickets in person may result in you showing up for a showtime that is already sold out.  Purchasing tickets in advance is the safest way to guarantee your seat for your preferred showtime.

Why don't you have showtimes listed for the date I want?

Bookings are done week to week.  New showtimes for a week starting on a Friday are posted the Monday before, usually by 4:00pm.

Sometimes advance showtimes are posted weeks in advance in anticipation of an upcoming release.  This may result in only one movie appearing for a particular day.  The rest of that schedule will, likewise, appear the Monday before that week.

But other theaters list their showtimes for weeks in advance.  Why don't you get your act together?

A movie theater that is part of a chain (Alamo, AMC, etc.) have the ability to schedule their movies weeks or even months in advance due to the nature of their booking arrangements with the individual movie studios.  A single 10-screen movie theater operating independently of commercial chains simply does not have the same ability.

Is your theater closing?

Absolutely not! The ownership of the Woodbury 10 Theatre is doing everything possible to keep the theater open. Your support and business is greatly appreciated during these uncertain times.


What about what I read in the paper about some bus route demolishing your theater?

The GOLD LINE express bus route is planned for operation in 2026.  Our lease is until 2025 with options to renew.  At this point, it is not clear whether or not Metro Transit will need the entire land parcel.  If it would become necessary for the bus lane to use this property, the City of Woodbury has agreed to help the ownership of the Woodbury 10 Theatre find another spot nearby.  Either way, we're not going anywhere!

Are you going to offer a 2023 Refillable Tub?
Due to the uncertainty of everything surrounding the movie business right now as well as the continued uncertainty with COVID-19, we are not going to sell a 2022 tub this year. 

I have a plastic "Movie Tub", what is the refill policy?

Any plastic "Movie Tub" popcorn tub you can bring back for a $4 refill at any time as long as the tub is clean when presented to us.

Do you sell gift cards?
We sure do! Here's a link to puchase online:

Do your gift cards expire?

No, gift cards do not expire.


I have a ticket/pass to your theater.  Does it expire?

No, tickets and passes do not expire.  Please note however that due to studio restrictions on a particular film, we may have to restrict their use.  Typically this is during the first 2 weeks of a film's engagement.  We have no control over studio policy governing pass acceptance to a particular title.

Your website says "Sorry No Passes" by a movie I want to see.  What does that mean?

If a movie says "NO PASSES," it means we are contractually obligated not to accept passes for it - tickets must be paid for using cash or card only.

But I've got one of those blue "rain check" tickets, can't I use those?

Unfortunately not.  The studio issuing the movie has full control over all pass restrictions and as a theater, we have to honor those agreements.  We have zero control over when and how we can accept passes.

Do your gift cards work for both tickets and concessions?


Do you have reclining seats?
No, we have a VIP leather rocker-back seat that has a rocking back but does not recline.

I saw on the website you have “reserved seating,” what does that mean?
The Woodbury 10 Theatre has now implemented reserve seating. This means that you are able to pick your specific seat in the auditorium - in other words an “assigned seat.” This allows the computer to keep very careful track of where people are spaced in the auditoriums as well as the total number of people in our facility.
Do I have to reserve my seat online or can I do it in person at your box office?
You can do whichever one suits you best. Picking your seat online in advance usually will give you a better choice of seats. However you are still able to purchase tickets in person at our box office on the day of your chosen showtime.
I reserved my ticket online, what do I do when I get to the theater?
All you need is the confirmation number that you received in your email. You can do 1 of 3 things:

1.  You can redeem the confirmation number at the box office to get your tickets.

2.  You can redeem the confirmation number at one of the two kiosks located in our atrium.

3.  You can redeem the confirmation number at our ticket stand where we can enter the number for you.

We kindly ask that you take a moment to familiarize yourself with our self-serve kiosks for online ticket purchases.  Using the kiosks is much faster than waiting in line and it frees the box office personnel for people who are trying to pay with cash.

I bought my tickets but I didn’t get a confirmation number. What do I do now?
Typically if you did not receive a confirmation number by email, the charge did not go through and no order was placed.  Another common mistake is that the email went to your SPAM folder or there was a typo when the email was entered into the system.

However if you’re certain the charge went through or you misplaced your confirmation number, simply bring the credit card that you used to purchase the tickets to the theater and we will be able to look up your purchase this way.


I need to change the date & time of my advance tickets.  How do I do this?

Follow the directions in your email confirmation.  You CANNOT get an exchange if the DATE & SHOWTIME OF THE MOVIE YOU PURCHASED FOR HAS ALREADY PASSED.  


What if I don't like the seats I purchased?


Once the seats are purchased, there are NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES OR SWITCHES allowed. 


I have a "double charge" on my credit card.  What do I do?

When looking at bank accounts online, often pending and posting charges will appear simultaneously which appears to be a "duplicate charge."  These duplicate charges will disappear from your account within 24-48 hours.  Our point-of-sale system DOES NOT DOUBLE CHARGE CUSTOMERS! 

Another common mistake is that coincidentally, you might have made two separate purchases that equal the same amount of money.  For instance, a $12 purchase at the box office and a $12 purchase at the concession stand.  Due to the rounding nature of our prices, this is not uncommon.  Check your credit card receipts and see if they are the same amount before contacting us.

Do you offer private auditorium rentals?


Yes, we do!  Click PRIVATE RENTAL from the top of the page to book yours today!


Do you have a party room?


Yes, we do!  Click PRIVATE RENTAL from the top of the page to book yours today!


Do you use real butter on your popcorn?

Yes, we do.

Is your popcorn gluten free?

Gluten is a protein which is found in certain grains including wheat, barley & rye. Corn does not have gluten so therefore popcorn is gluten free. The brand of popcorn we use is Orville Redenbacher.
Is your popcorn cooked in peanut oil?

No, we use a vegetable-canola mix blend of oil. The brand is called Lou Anna popping oil.


Do you show previews or commercials before your movies?


Yes.  All advertisements start before the advertised starting time.  Movie previews (trailers) run approximately 10 minutes and start at the advertised showtime.  So, for instance, if you are seeing a movie that starts at 1:00pm, the advertisements will start at about 12:45pm and the movie trailers will start at 1:00pm.  The movie itself will start at approximately 1:10pm.


What is your policy for films rated R?


The Woodbury 10 Theatre does not let any children, ages 6 and under, attend an R-rated feature, regardless of any accompaniment.  We ask for ID on all rated R features.  A patron between the ages of 17 and 20 may purchase up to two (2) tickets to an R-rated feature.  A patron over the age of 21 may purchase any amount of tickets to an R-rated feature.  Any tickets for an R-rated feature purchased from our kiosk will be subject to these same rules.


What does it mean when a film is NR (not-rated)?


Sometimes a studio will choose to bypass having their film rated by the MPAA.  There are any number of reasons for doing this.  To the best of our ability, we will have information about the film available to you when you purchase your ticket.  If a film has explicit content, we will notify you.

Do you have handicap accessible seating?

Yes we do.  Look for the wheelchair icons on the seats in the auditorium your selected showtime is playing in.

Do you have assisted listening devices for the deaf or hard-of-hearing?

Yes.  We have Closed Caption devices that show the dialogue or headsets with controllable volume and also descriptive audio.


Have you considered doing a GoFundMe (or similar) page to allow people to support the theater?


We personally feel that GoFundMe is a platform for something other than a for-profit business to ask for money. We would rather save GoFundMe for a last-ditch effort if our situation was at its most dire. Our business has not started any GoFundMe for the theater nor have we endorsed anyone else to do so.

An excellent option to support this theater if you wish to do so is simply to purchase a gift card online. You don't have to use it or you could forward the number to someone who would enjoy it.

If you want to send funds directly to the theater, then please o so in this manner. Send a check payable to the "Woodbury 10 Theatre" to:

Woodbury 10 Theatre
1470 Queens Drive
Woodbury, MN 55125


I saw a GoFundMe page for the theater set up by someone.  Did you authorize this?


No.  We would never authorize someone to act on our behalf.  Although someone's intentions may be good, there is no way to guarantee that the funds they collect will reach us.  If you see such a page asking for money for us, please report it to:


Have you considered turning your parking lot into a drive-in movie theater?

Yes, we have considered this idea, but for many reasons this is not a viable option for our business. Here is a link to a lengthy Facebook post we wrote in April 2020 that details why we are not able to explore this avenue:




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