Is your theater closing?

Absolutely not! The ownership of the Woodbury 10 Theatre is doing everything possible to keep the theater open. Your support and business is greatly appreciated during these uncertain times.
What is the Woodbury 10 Theatre doing to fight COVID 19?
We are sanitizing every seat after each use, sanitizing door handles and surfaces, sanitizing seasoning shakers, napkin holders and straw holders frequently. Our filters have been upgraded to standards necessary to filter out airborne viruses using the standards given to us by the Minnesota Department of Health. Our employees wear masks and gloves. One-way traffic and social distancing points have been set up throughout the theater.
What about in the auditoriums? Do I have to buy extra seats so that no one sits by me?
No, our point-of-sale system automatically puts a 2-seat buffer between you and any other guests. Every other row is blocked off so that nobody will sit directly behind or in front of you.
Do you have reclining seats?
No, we have a VIP leather rocker-back seat that has a rocking back but does not recline.
I saw on the website you have “reserved seating,” what does that mean?
Due to COVID-19, we have now gone to reserve seating. This means that you are able to pick your specific seat in the auditorium, in other words an “assigned seat.” This allows the computer to keep very careful track of where people are spaced in the auditoriums as well as the total number of people in our facility.
Do I have to reserve my seat online or can I do it in person?
You can do whichever one suits you best. Picking your seat online in advance usually will give you a better choice of seats. However you are still able to purchase tickets in person at our box office on the day of your chosen showtime.
I reserved my ticket online, what do I do when I get to the theater?
All you need is the confirmation number that you received in your email. You can do 1 of 3 things:

  1. You can redeem the confirmation number at the box office to get your tickets.
  2. You can redeem the confirmation number at one of the two kiosks located in our atrium.
  3. You can redeem the confirmation number at our ticket stand where we can enter the number for you.

I bought my tickets but I didn’t get a confirmation number. What do I do now?
Typically if you did not receive a confirmation number by email, the charge did not go through and no order was placed. However if you’re certain the charge went through or you misplaced your confirmation number, simply bring the credit card that you used to purchase the tickets to the theater and we will be able to look up your purchase this way.
Do you still honor the refillable 2020 tubs?
Yes, we do.
I bought a 2020 Refillable Tub but you were closed for 3 months. Is there going to be any compensation for this?
We will allow you to use your 2020 Refillable Tub for free refills through April 30, 2021.
Are you going to offer a 2021 Refillable Tub?
Due to the uncertainty of everything surrounding the movie business right now as well as the continued uncertainty with COVID-19, we are not going to sell a 2021 tub this year.
Do you use real butter on your popcorn?
Yes, we do.

Is your popcorn gluten free?
Gluten is a protein which is found in certain grains including wheat, barley & rye. Corn does not have gluten so therefore popcorn is gluten free.
Is your popcorn cooked in peanut oil?
No, we use a vegetable-canola mix blend of oil.


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